Day 1

Our journey will start in the old mining town of Pinal de Amoles, nestled high in the mountains. There you will meet your local guide and we will travel to the nearby community of Cuatro Palos. From there we will take a short walk to the breathtaking lookout of the Cerro de la Media Luna (Half Moon Mountain in Spanish). The lookout point offers some of the most impressive views of the 60-million-year-old Sierra Gorda mountain range. After enjoying stunning landscape, we will return to have lunch in one of the traditional small restaurants (fondas) along the Flavor Trail.

After lunch, we will travel to Chuvejé Waterfall, a nearly 30-metre drop into the crystal-clear rock pools. We will then continue to the heart of the Sierra Gorda­ – the historic town of Jalpan de Serra, where you will catch your first glimpse of one of the region’s five UNESCO World Heritage-listed Franciscan Missions. Explore the town and local handicrafts stores before dining in one of the Jalpan’s traditional restaurants.

Accommodation: Centro Tierra Cabins in Jalpan de Serra.

Day 2

We will start our day with a delicious breakfast in one of the traditional small restaurants (fondas) along the Flavor Trail. Then we will head to the charming town of Concá, where we will visit the second of the five Franciscan Missions. While in Concá, we will also get a chance to visit one of Mexico’s oldest living trees and natural thermal springs.

You can then choose between staying at the thermal springs to swim and relax, or heading to Adjuntas, the meeting point of the warm water of Santa María River and the aqua-blue cool water of Ayutla River. After enjoying a swim and local lunch, we will head back to Jalpan de Serra, where we will conclude our tour.