Gift Shop

Located on the beautiful grounds of the Sierra Gorda Alliance, our Gift Shop features some of the most popular pieces from the range of collectives that we support, all under the one roof.

You'll find:
  Embroidered clothing and homewares from La Colgada
  Natural healthcare products and remedies from Remedios Valen
  Kitchen and decorative ceramics from Las Mariposas
  Snacks and organic preserves from Pura Vida
  Natural honey and honey products from La Abeja Orgánica (the Organic Bee)
Come visit us and support creative, quality small businesses in the Sierra Gorda.


Gift Shop at the Sierra Gorda Alliance. Avenida la Presa S/N,  Barrio el Panteón, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

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About: Sierra Gorda Productos

Sierra Gorda Productos is another initiative supported by Grupo Ecológico that is working to give local communities the chance to escape poverty without negatively impacting the Biosphere Reserve.

Recognising that communities need sustainable alternatives to logging, hunting and other destructive practices, we are supporting enterprising local groups to turn their traditional skills and talents into financially profitable businesses,  whose members directly benefit from the profits.  


These microenterprises are bringing much-needed income into the homes of some of Mexico’s poorest families. More importantly, they’re giving local women the chance to become self-sufficient and have a say in the financial decisions affecting them.


With Grupo Ecologico's support, Doña Valen runs her own successful herbal remedy business.