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In this package, we will introduce you to regenerative tools for the healing of soils. You will learn techniques to bolster the capture of carbon, the development of roots and humus, and the infiltration of water in order to create healthier ecosystems and increase the production of healthy food. These techniques, all falling under the umbrella of Holistic Management, include keyline hydrological design, production of bio-fertilizers, soil mineralization, and planned grazing. You'll be coming to the right place to learn, as Sierra Gorda is a Holistic Management Hub of learning, certified by the Savory Institute. In addition, you will learn how to measure the regeneration of soil biology and how soil carbon capture mechanisms work. If this introductory course meets your expectations, Sierra Gorda also offers practical workshops and theoretical courses aimed at developing a culture of soil regeneration. We are fighting against climate change by capturing carbon and water, and we would like to share our experiences regenerating soil biology with you. Let's get ready for a brown revolution!


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3 days, 2 nights
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15-30 people per tour
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Visits to sustainable micro enterprises, forest walks 

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Sierra Gorda Ecotours - Healing the soil for healthy food

To begin your journey, you will meet with your Sierra Gorda Ecotours guide in Pinal de Amoles and, from there, continue on to visit some of the many bio-intensive vegetable gardens that are found throughout the Sierra Gorda.

Lunch will be in the traditional restaurant, Fonda Doña Mary, one of the stops along our Ruta del Sabor (Tasting Route).  There, you can try delicious freshly made tortillas paired with traditional dishes such as beef with garbanzo beans.

After eating, we will continue on to the Centro Tierra facilities in Jalpan de Serra, where you will attend a presentation of photographs and a discussion on the biodiversity of the Sierra Gorda, led by the photographer who captured the images.

To end the day, you will be treated to a dinner of traditional cuisine before getting a well-deserved night's rest in the Centro Tierra cabins. 

Sierra Gorda Ecotours - Healing the soil for healthy food

We will start the day early with breakfast at Centro Tierra followed by a presentation on the conservation work being done by Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda.

Later, we will go to our educational farm, Tonatico, where you will be given an introduction to Holistic Management and an explanation of how crop and livestock production can be used to capture carbon.

We'll have an organic lunch at Rancho Tonatico before learning to make organic fertilizers and other soil amendments. From there, we'll take you back to Centro Tierra, where you will have dinner and an enjoyable evening around a bonfire.  Once again, you'll be staying in the Centro Tierra cabins.

Sierra Gorda Ecotours - Healing the soil for healthy food

After breakfast at Centro Tierra, we will return to our educational farm, Tonatico.

Your first activity there will be an introduction to keyline technique of hydrological design, followed by practical applcication  of these same concepts in the field. Next, you will take part in a practical demonstration of how to monitor soil health.

When we've finished the sessions, there will be time for a walk through the beautiful forest that makes up part of the Tonatico property before sitting down for another delicious organic meal.

After that, it's back to Pinal de Amoles to finish the trip and say goodbye.

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