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With this package, we will give you a firsthand experience in how to conserve forests and bolster the services that they offer us, like the capture of atmospheric carbon dioxide. We will introduce you to the local context, in which land owners burn the forests to create space for pastures or cut forests down to sell timber because they do not see economic value in conserving forests. These activities result in the loss of habitat and the emission of great quantities of carbon, which serves to worsen climate change. We will also discuss the difficulties of on-the-ground implementation of global climate agreements, like the Kyoto Protocol, as well as the challenges in capturing and measuring carbon and in developing local carbon payments. Through 28 years of hard-work and practical experience with carbon capture payment programs, we have learned a lot about these difficult subjects, and in this package we will share our experiences with you.


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3 days, 2 nights
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15-30 people per tour
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Visits to sustainable micro-enterprises, forest walks, talks on conservation, and experiences in the field

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Sierra Gorda Ecotours - The Value of Forests

You will begin this package by meeting your Sierra Gorda Ecotours guide in the mountain town of Pinal de Amoles.  From there, it is a short drive to Rancho Tonatico, our educational farm, where you will attend a presentation on organic crop and livestock production. Following the presentation, we will take a walk through the forest to build up your appetite in anticipation of a delicious lunch made from organic ingredients produced on the farm.

After lunch, we'll depart for the Centro Tierra facilities in Jalpan de Serra.  There, you'll be able to attend presentations on "The Alliance for the Conservation of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve" and "Biodiversity in the Sierra Gorda."

Following these presentations, you will have a well-deserved dinner and night's rest in the Centro Tierra cabins.

Sierra Gorda Ecotours - The Value of Forests

After breakfast in Centro Tierra, we will have an eduational session on the Kyoto Protocol, poverty, and our innovative solutions titled, "Local protocol: How to estimate carbon in different types of vegetation? Valuable tools for replicating our methods."


In order to experience firsthand  the content of the sessions, we'll take a trip to a forest reserve to practice taking carbon measurements.  You'll have a packed lunch in the field once we've finished with the measurements.


Finally, we'll return to Centro Tierra to end the day with a bonfire.  You'll also have dinner and stay in the cabins for the night.  

Sierra Gorda Ecotours - The Value of Forests

We will start the day with breakfast in Centro Tierra followed by a session in the classroom where we'll analyze the measurements we took the day before and finish by working together to reach some conclusions.


To bring an end to your time in the Sierra Gorda, we will depart for Pinal de Amoles, where we'll have a delicious lunch at the traditional restaurant, Fonda Manzanitas. This restaurant forms part of our Ruta del Sabor (Tasting Route) project, which has allowed dozens of families in the Sierra Gorda to renovate the buildings where they sell their food and improve their own living conditions.