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This package will allow you to experience our unique model of community-based tourism, in which we work with landowners to promote ecotourism and, in doing so, protect the environment and fight poverty. Through this experience, you and other participants will directly get to know our network of small-scale tourism operators offering services in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. You will also learn about social challenges involved in community tourism, "green" building techniques, and payments for forest carbon, among other issues. We have been designated a Global Sustainable Tourism Council Destination for our conservation practices and minimization of environmental impacts, and our model of social inclusion has been recognized by International Travel Berlin. Between our network of eco-lodges, the soon-to-be-famous Ruta del Sabor (Tasting Route), and artisan workshops, we have put together an innovative tourism experience that is unique in Mexico. Without a doubt, this package will be a significant learning opportunity.


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3 days, 2 nights
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15-30 people
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Visit some of our proyects and walk throught the forest.

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Sierra Gorda Ecotours - Community Tourism

To begin your day, you will meet your Sierra Gorda Ecotours guide in the mountain town of Pinal de Amoles and have lunch in one of the traditional restaurants in the Ruta del Sabor.  After lunch, we’ll ascend the mountains to reach the community of Cuatro Palos, where a trail will take us to a stunning lookout for a magnificent view of Cerro de la Media Luna (Halfmoon Hill).  So that you can see the benefits that tourism has generated in this community, we’ll introduce you to the work done by a  women’s group that offers lodging in cob-style eco-cabins. To finish the visit, you will go for a hike led by guides from Cuatro Palos. Next, we’ll go to the Centro Tierra facilities in Jalpan de Serra to attend a presentation on the history of community-based tourism in the Sierra Gorda and other successful community tourism projects in Mexico.   Following the presentation, we will serve dinner and you’ll have the chance to relax around a bonfire, enjoying the sounds of nature.  Lodging is in the Centro Tierra cabins.

Sierra Gorda Ecotours - Community Tourism


Following breakfast, we’ll have presentations on biodiversity in the Sierra Gorda and the steps that Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda took to be designated as a Global Sustainable Tourism Council Destination, allowing you to learn more about the criteria of that organization.


Next, we will go to La Casita Ecológica, where the owners will demonstrate green building techniques they used for their cabins, along with other eco building methods.


After learning about green building, we will continueto the community of La Colgada, where a women’s group operates an embroidery workshop, creating artisanal pieces with natural themes.  They’ll describe for you how they make their products as well as the history of the group. Following this presentation, they’ll serve lunch in the restaurant that they operate, called La Encina.


After eating, we’ll go to Remedios Valen, an herbalist’s workshop, where you will be able to see the preparation of herbal remedies and health products.


To end the day, we'll return to Centro Tierra for dinner and a well-deserved night's sleep.

Sierra Gorda Ecotours - Community Tourism

We'll start the day early, with a good cup of coffee and a walk around Jalpan's reservoir to take in the views of the surrounding forested mountains.

Breakfast will be in Centro Tierra, and after eating we'll take you the workshop of Alimentos Pura Vida, where a group of women uses local fruits to make delicious treats, such as jams, jellies, and dried fruit.  Next, we will take you to the Ayutla River, where you will visit more eco-cabins in our network. There will be free time to relax, go for a swim in the river or try more local cuisine before returning to Jalpan to end our journey.