Package > Weekend Escape (Puente de Dios and Xilitla) 

Discover incredible art, culture and natural beauty with this 2 day Sierra Gorda highlights package. With our experienced local guides, you'll visit some of the region's most famous and awe-inspiring attractions, including Edward James' Surrealist Gardens at Las Pozas, the incredible limestone formation known as God's Bridge, and the World Heritage Site Franciscan Missions.


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2 days,  1 night
  Accommodation type:
  Nº persons:
2-6 people per tour
  Price per person:
From MXN $3,450 per person. Cost includes: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner.  One night lodging (Centro Tierra Cabins).  Entry fees to visited sites. Trip insurance within the Sierra Gorda. 
Las Pozas, Franciscan Missions, Escanela River


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Sierra Gorda Ecotours - Weekend Escape (Puente de Dios and Xilitla)

You'll meet your local guide in the colourful old mining town of Pinal de Amoles, nestled high among the mountains. They'll take you via car to the nearby community of Cuatro Palos, where you'll take a short walk to the breathtaking lookout atop Cerro de la Media Luna (Halfmoon Hill). After lunch, you’ll head down to Río Escanela, where you’ll walk along the river through the Angostura canyon. After passing incredible geological formations and striking landscapes, you’ll arrive at the Puente de Dios (the Bridge of God). Crystalline water jets down into this impressive limestone cave and then flows downstream in the Escanela river. There are blue and crystal-clear water pools all along the river, which are popular for swimming. After relaxing or swimming at Puente de Dios, you’ll travel to the heart of the Sierra Gorda – the historic town of Jalpan. There you’ll catch your first glimpse of one of the region’s five World Heritage-listed Franciscan Missions. Explore the town and local handicrafts stores before dining in one of the town’s traditional restaurants.

Overnight: Jalpan. You’ll stay at the beautiful Sierra Gorda Alliance grounds, in the cosy Centro Tierra Eco-Cabins.

Sierra Gorda Ecotours - Weekend Escape (Puente de Dios and Xilitla)

Start your day with a delicious breakfast in one of the traditional fondas along the Ruta del Sabor.  Then from Jalpan, we’ll drive to Xilitla, where you’ll step into the magic and madness of Las Pozas, the lush surrealist sculpture gardens created by the late Sir Edward James. After exploring the stories-high monuments, rock pools and waterfalls of Las Pozas, you’ll stop in Xilitla for a well-earned lunch.

On our journey back to Jalpan, we’ll stop at the Landa de Matamoros Mission, its stunning facade considered to be the best amongst the Sierra Gorda Missions.