Located in the northwest corner of the State of Querétaro, Tancoyol has been inhabited by indigenous groups since pre-Hispanic times. The Viceroyalty of New Spain established a presence here in May of 1744 when Coronel José de Escandón founded Nuestra Señora de la Luz de Tancoyol Mission.

The Franciscan temple that we can still admire today was built later, between 1761 and 1767 by Juan Ramos de Lora, a Franciscan monk of whom very little is known. However, most people attribute its construction and founding to Saint Junípero Serra.


From Jalpan de Serra, take Federal Highway 120 (San Juan del Río – Xilitla) and turn left to State Highway (La Vuelta – Tancoyol) at kilometer 215. Continue driving for 22 kilometers until you reach Tancoyol.