Rincón de Ojo de Agua


Rincon de Ojo de Agua eco-cabins are located in the community of San Juan de los Durán, a 1.5-hour drive from Jalpan de Serra. They are surrounded by oak and pine forests characteristic of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

The community is located far from urban areas and, due to its elevation of 1200 meters, enjoys a temperate climate for the majority of the year.

From $600 MXN

Our Location

From Jalpan de Serra, take Federal Highway 120 (San Juan del Río – Xilitla) and turn left onto State Highway (La Vuelta – Tancoyol) at kilometer 220. When you reach the community of Zoyapilca, follow the paved road for 33 kilometers until you reach a dirt road, which will lead you to the community of San Juan de los Durán. Passing the community, continue for 300 meters to reach the cabins.