Cabaña Las Guacamayas


This is an ideal lodging option for anyone who wants to visit the incredible pit cave, Sótano del Barro. The owners, Don Nabor Arriaga and his family, offer food service and guides that will lead you to the cave.

Those wishing to make this excursion should keep in mind that it begins at approximately 4:00 AM, to allow time for the ascent and to arrive in time to see the military macaws departing from their nests in search of food. The ascent can be done on foot or by renting mules from Don Nabor.

From $600 MXN

Our Location

From Jalpan de Serra, take Federal Highway 69 (Jalpan – Río Verde) to the community of Puerto Ayutla from where a dirt road (not in bad shape) will take you to the community of Santa María Cocos. Upon your arrival to Santa María de Cocos, you will see a Sierra Gorda Ecotours sign with an image of military macaws. Once there, ask for Don Nabor.