Trinidad is a small community located in one of the most spectacular and remote zones of the Sierra Gorda. It is an indigenous community inhabited by people of the Náhuatl culture, located 14 kilometers from Xilitla. A visit here feels like a journey to the past, when the forests of the Sierra Madre in the Huasteca Potosina region were still wild and untouched. You will find yourself in grand oak and pine forests, as well cloud forests draped by orchids and bromeliads – all true biological treasures. To fully experience the beauty of these forests, you should hike one of the many trails.

Please consider that the community only has one phone that sometimes doesn’t work well due to bad signal. Therefore, if you would like to reserve a cabin, we suggest that you contact us one week in advance.

From $600 MXN

Our Location

The road that climbs from Xilitla to Trinidad is paved for the majority of its 14 kilometers. However, there is a 3-kilometer stretch of dirt road, so we recommend you to use an SUV or a truck.