Río Escanela Puente de Dios


Protected by ancient alamo trees, the crystal clear current of Escanela River descends from the heights of the Sierra. Playing with the limestone rock, it has formed two unique features: Puente de Dios (Bridge of God) and Cañón de la Angostura (Canyon of the Narrows).

Without a doubt one of the natural marvels of the Sierra Gorda, Escanela River crosses Puente de Dios, an extraordinary formation with thick stalactites from which spouts of water crash down, as well as Cañón de la Angostura, where beautiful formations make up a living rock garden. Natural pools, a scenic foot trail along the riverside, and a hike to Peña de la Gloria (a waterfall during the rainy season) will make your visit unforgettable.


In the community of Escanela River, where the footpaths to Puente de Dios begin, you can find campgrounds operated by the locals, as well as cabins and a restaurant.


  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Nature photography
  • Camping
  • Swimming


Take Federal Highway 120 (San Juan del Río – Xilitla). At kilometer 155 turn to a dirt road and follow it for five kilometers until you arrive to the community of Escanela River. From there, you will access a foot trail that follows the river until it reaches Puente de Dios. The walk is approximately 40 minutes long. In the rainy season, river raises and can sometimes cover the trail. However, you can reach Puente de Dios by following a higher trail that also takes you to the extraordinary Peña de la Gloria Waterfall.