Beautiful fabrics and fine needlework are offered at the women-owned Embroidery with Nature Motifs workshop. Items from their most recent collection include:

  • Blouses for children and adults
  • Decorative pillow cases
  • Linen tablecloths and napkins
  • Wallets in various sizes

Support traditional artisans and sustainable livelihoods in the Sierra Gorda today!


  • Gift shop in the facilities of the Sierra Gorda Alliance. Av. La Presa s/n, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.
  • Casa de Artesanías Jalpan, Av. Fray Junípero Serra s/n Centro, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.
  • Jalpan Historical Museum, Av. Fray Junípero Serra s/n Centro, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.
  • Casa de Artesanías Tancoyol, Plaza principal, Tancoyol, Qro.
  • Embroidery with Nature Motifs workshop, La Colgada, Qro.

Embroidery with Nature Motifs Workshop (La Colgada Collective)

The micro-enterprise, Embroidery with Nature Motifs was established in 2004 after receiving seed funding from Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG), destined to help kick-start small, sustainable businesses in the Sierra Gorda region.

Today, 30 women collectively operate this micro-enterprise, situated 1.5 hours from Jalpan de Serra. All the women come from La Colgada or the surrounding communities, and some have to walk several hours to get to the workshop. However, they are happy to make the journey, since they get the opportunity to share their creativity and passion, all while learning how to manage a business. GESG continues to support this successful collective by, marketing their products and providing administration training to the women.

The women also run a restaurant where they offer typical dishes from the region (for groups of 15 people or more). If you would like to visit and eat there, please let us know at least two days in advance so that the women have time to buy the supplies that they need to prepare a meal.