Cabaña El Naranjo


The cabin was built using eco-construction techniques and locally-sourced materials in order to minimize its environmental impact. It is a perfect place to relax.

There is a stream in front of the cabin that provides habitat for an endangered species of freshwater crawfish. In honor of these crustaceans, the owners drew a silhouette of one on the facade of the cabin.

In addition to the impressive ex-convent of Bucareli, the adrenalin-lovers can enjoy an 8-kilometer long zip line course made up of nine zip lines and two hanging bridges.

From $600 MXN

Our Location

From Querétaro, follow Federal Highway 120 (San Juan del Río – Xilitla). Before arriving to Pinal de Amoles make a right turn to a road that descends to Bucareli. The first 400 meters are paved, but for the rest of the 27 kilometers it is a dirt road. The cabins are located along this road, approximately 1 kilometer before arriving to the community of Bucareli, on the right-hand side.