San Miguel Concá Mission is the smallest of the Sierra Gorda’s missions. It is dedicated to Saint Michael Archangel and, according to an inscription in the building’s interior, its construction was completed in 1754. The word Concá comes from the Pame language and means “with me”.

What the Mission lacks in size it makes up for in detail, with ornamental decorations that include large flowers, foliage, and indigenous-style figures. Amongst many details, image of the Holy Trinity with a rabbit (a Pame symbol) and a two-headed eagle stand out. Many believe that Concá Mission is the most mestiza (meaning that it shows the most indigenous influence) of the Sierra Gorda’s missions.


From Jalpan de Serra, follow Federal Highway 69 (Jalpan – Río Verde) and turn left at kilometer 35 at the entrance to Concá. The mission is located in the center of town.