Cabañas Centro Tierra


The Cabins were built using bio-construction techniques and materials such as mud, palm, and straw-bales in order to minimize the ecological footprint. Furthermore, these locally-sourced materials provide excellent insulation against the elements.

They are located in Jalpan de Serra, a town that has received designation as a pueblo mágico (magical town) and is the geographical center of the Sierra Gorda. Therefore, they are an ideal starting point for touring various regional attractions.

Take advantage of their location and enjoy a boat ride or kayak in the Jalpan Dam, located only 250 meters from the Cabins. Between October and March the dam is an ideal place for bird watching.

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Our Location

Centro Tierra Cabins are located very close to the Jalpan de Serra’s main square, but are removed from the noise of the village and are ideal place for resting. They are surrounded by fruit trees and ornamental plants that are visited by various bird species. Their location in the center of the Sierra Gorda, makes them an ideal starting point for touring the Biosphere Reserve’s various attractions.