Natural Foods 

With its fertile soils and good rains, there’s an abundance of fresh produce to be found in the Sierra Gorda. The enterprising rural women have found a way to keep the seasonal fruits tasty all year round, preparing a variety of salsas, conserves, and snacks.

Some of the delicious treats you’ll find include:
Peach, apple, and orange marmalades and spreads
Semi-dried marinated tomatoes in herbs
Spiced and natural dried mango slices
Hot chillies marinated in vinegar and herbs

La Abeja Orgánica

Back in Jalpan, La Abeja Orgánica offers a great range of fresh natural honey and honey products, including soaps and natural beeswax wax candles.

Where to buy

Gift Shop at the Sierra Gorda Alliance. Avenida la Presa S/N,  76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

Casa de Artesanías Jalpan, Av. Fray Junípero Serra s/n Centro, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

Casa de Artesanías Tancoyol, Plaza principal, Tancoyol, Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

Jalpan Historical Museum, Av. Fray Junípero Serra s/n Centro, 76340 Jalpan de Serra, Qro.

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Producer Partner: 

The collective started in 2002, when a small dehydrator was purchased to help give local women the means of extending the life - and income potential - of the abundance of seasonal fruits.

The women then received training in cooking jams and preserves, and gradually built up their reputation as producers of high-quality and delicious local products. In fact, they soon needed to add two more solar solar dehydrators to enable them to increase their production.

Today, they offer fresh baked bread to accompany the tasty jams and spreads. The group also offers tasting sessions in the shady gardens next to their workshop, where tourists can also watch some of the fruits and sauces being made.

Book a workshop

Groups of 5 to 10 people can make oatmeal cookies, tamarind sweets, or carrot sweets. The workshop is 2 hours in duration. Ages 15 and up.


Women from the collective drying some of the freshly-picked mango slices.