Artisanal Cheeses 

Quesos Artesanales de La Montaña offers artisanal goat and cow’s milk cheeses, made with milk from exclusively grass-fed livestock, the quality of which is reflected in the textures and flavors of the cheese.

The cheeses are aged in an on-site cellar for two to six months, producing an authentic semi-mature cheese with unique flavors that only the pastures and mountains of Sierra Gorda can provide.

We recommend enjoying these cheeses:
  At room temperature, to bring out the full flavor.
  Combined with artisanal bread, apples or tomatoes.
  With a semi dry white wine.
  In gourmet dishes with mushrooms, meats and fresh vegetables.

Where to buy:

For orders please directly contact Facebook Rancho Tonatico

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Our Producer Partner: El Rancho Tonatico

Cheeses from Quesos Artesanales de la Montaña are produced at El Rancho Tonatico, located in the mountains of the Sierra Gorda. The ranch employs holistic management techniques, a sustainable method of farming that seeks to minimize livestock impact on the land and regenerate soils.

El Rancho Tonatico believes it’s their herd management that makes the difference when it comes to the quality of their products. The cattle are moved to different pastures – up to three times a day – using low stress techniques, and consume a variety of grasses, broadleaves, clovers. It’s this variety, along with the minerals that are characteristic of Sierra Gorda soils, and the absence of agro-chemicals, that helps provide the cheeses with their rich and distinctive flavors.

El Rancho Tonatico is one of the many farms in the region seeking to restore the soils and protect the forests of the Sierra Gorda through sustainable farming and land management. Through Bosque Sustentable, Grupo Ecológico is working to promote holistic management as through the Sierra Gorda, and the region.

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Groups of around 10 people can make fresh or aged cheese in a full day workshop. Ages 15 and up.


El Rancho Tonatico employs holistic management techniques to ensure the sustainable farming of their Sierra Gorda pastures.