About Us


Sierra Gorda Ecotours is one of Mexico's leading tourism providers, uniquely placed to offer authentic cultural experiences in Mexico’s most bio- and eco-diverse natural protected area.

From our local staff who can show you the most stunning sights the Reserve has to offer, to our community partnerships that allow you to immerse yourself in the rich traditions and culture of the area, we can offer you a truly unforgettable experience.

And because our eco-tours directly support local communities and our conservation efforts, you’ll be helping to safeguard this natural sanctuary while enjoying the best the Sierra Gorda has to offer.



We are part of the Sierra Gorda Alliance, a group of organisations dedicated to preserving and conserving the natural beauty and diversity of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. As part of that mission, Sierra Gorda Ecotours was created as a means of responsibly showcasing the Reserve, while also creating sustainable economic opportunities for the hundreds of impoverished communities who call the Sierra Gorda home.

Until recently, many families in the Sierra Gorda had few options to earn an income beyond destructive illegal logging, unsustainable farming and hunting practices, or poorly-paid and often dangerous labor migration. Today, communities have the chance to keep their rich culture and traditions intact, while building their employment opportunities and business skills. For instance, we are supporting a network of “small-footprint” microenterprises that produce and sell local ceramic, embroidery and organic food products. These small businesses now have access to a growing tourism market, providing them with a local and sustainable employment option.

We also work to ensure that our tours have a minimal impact on the environment, and partner with local communities to ensure they use locally-sourced and sustainable materials wherever possible. Through the Alliance, we are also supporting environmental education and conservation programs to minimize human impact on the Reserve.



Sierra Gorda Ecotours is owned by and employs local staff, many of whom have lived in the Sierra Gorda for generations. We offer unique insight into the region’s rich history and culture through our personal guided tours. And with our intimate and extensive knowledge of the Reserve, we can also show you the natural hidden treasures of the Sierra Gorda, those found off the beaten track that most travellers never discover.

Through our long-term partnerships with local communities, we can also offer authentic cultural experiences. These include traditional cooking lessons, sharing a communal meal with the local community, and embroidery and ceramic workshops enabling you to learn from skilled artisans. The result of close collaboration with our partners, our cultural programs are designed to allow you to fully experience some of the region’s diverse cultural heritage.



Sierra Gorda Ecotours have been operating since 2004. Over this time, we have developed a range of tailored itineraries and packages that give travellers the best possible mix of nature, culture, and learning according to their available time and preferences. Our highly experienced guides believe in providing a high quality product, and also in the future of the Sierra Gorda as one of the world's premier tourist destinations.

In recognition of the quality of our destinations and services, we have been awarded the Geotourism Challenge 2009 by the National Geographic, as well as the "Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Award" by the World Travel and Tourism Council in 2006.